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Indian XC league websites

Latest flights on Xcontest - Bir
Latest flights on Xcontest - Panchgani
Latest flights on Xcontest - All India
Latest flights on Leonardo
Leonardo 2023
Leonardo 2022
Leonardo all time
Leonardo Worldwide 2023
Leonardo Worldwide 2022
XContest India
XContest world
National Ranking - XC
National Ranking - Accuracy

India on podium

Adie Kumar
Ajay Kumar Sharma
Arvind Paul
Chiter Singh
Dattar Rana (Debu) Choudhury
Gurpreet Dhindsa
Prakash Chand Thakur
Sunith Rao
Vijay Soni

Bir Safety Information

READ THIS FIRST - Flying safely here.
Check for the latest paragliding news - Tribune India News portal
Tribune India News portal - Himachal Pradesh
Himachal Tourism Safety Guidelines
Please do not encourage begging and child labour in any form.
Please carry your own trash and pick other rubish you find around that you can carry with you to dispose it in trashbins.
Safety Radio Frequency 144.500
Always fly with GPS Personal Locator(PLB) such as Spot, Garmin InReach with GEOS Search and Rescue High Risk(SAR-HR) membership
Planning to get or got a locator device? See this
Do not fly over or land on Military installations, Alilal, Palampur, Yol, Dalhousie and Chamba
Do not fly over McLeodganj Dalai Lama residence
Do not fly or land 5KM cylinder around Mandi town
For flying permission in Bir, license/rating card, insurance covering paragliding and 2 passport photos is must. Get the form from the check post on the way to launch.
Government Helpline contacts, for any emergency call 112.
If you have GEOS membership, call GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center EMERGENCY OPERATIONS +19365823190 or +19365823190
Tree rescue training video, rescue kit available at PG-Gurukul, Bir
Put emergency information on Android phone
Put emergency information on iPhone
Some sound advice from Jerome's Tips
Hire a competent guide to fly with you

Flying sites, PG Waypoints and Maps

Foreign tourists visiting Bir needs permit - Apply Online or visit Dharamshala to get one.
Bir Paragliding Landmarks, No-Fly Zones, etc. download kml to see in Google Earth
Bir Paragliding Landmarks, printable maps by Richie
Bir wikivoyage page
Passion Paragliding Bir Quick Guide
Closest ATM that work near Bir where all cards work, there is one in the Colony, near Gandhi statue, where only Indian banks' card work.
Panchgani wikitravel page
Bir Indian Open 2018 waypoints FS wpt - Updated
Bir Indian Open 2018 waypoints cup - Updated
Bir waypoints wpt
Bir waypoints cup
Bir waypoints wpt
Bir Airspace, put in the XCTrack|Files|Airspaces directory, then in XCTrack you select the file Preferences|Airspaces|Files.
Panchgani waypoints FS.wpt
Panchgani waypoints CompeGPS.wpt
Panchgani waypoints cup
Sites by country using API
List of sites on leonardo online and KMZ sites
List if sites. In German. Google translate works well though
XCSoar map, Himachal and Uttarakhand
XCSoar map Maharashtra(Panchgani, Kamshet etc.)
ATS Route Chart

PG Apps/Tech

FlyMe flight instrument for Android optimized for paragliding
XCSoar: Open Source flight computer for any device
XCtrack: flight computer and log your flight to
LK8000: flight computer for android and winCE
Gaggle andoid app
GPSdump for Android
FlyXC - XC Planner, live map, better soundings, much more...
Simulator - Fly from any takeoff in the world!
Convert IGC to KMZ colored by climb, like leonardo, also PWA and android app.
Google Earth for Android
Live tracking Android app with various sources - 3D visualization of your tracklogs
Thermal Map
FlySafe connects free flying pilots around the world with social features, buy/sell gear
FlySafe Explore where to fly
Open Source Paragliding resources on github

PG Insurance

Unscrambling Insurance- Are you covered? - Cloudbasemayhem
Paragliding Association group policy
AXA Thirdparty, including emergency rescue costs
AXA Comp&Holiday - Third Party Liability Insurance and Pilot Accident Insurance
Global Underwriters Travel with additional riders
Patriot Travel with additional riders
GEOS Search and Rescue for Garmin InReach devices
Asc360 short term insurance

PG Weather

ParaguideWS - the weather app you need for Bir. Also PWA and android app.
Pick a right spot for the sport by weather.
Weather app for ambitious pilots
Windytv, also Android and iphone app
CIMSS Satellite Image
IMD Satellite Image
Weather To Fly - Understanding weather
Skew-T app for Android phones

Taxi service

Bir - Manohar +91 98570 08842
Bir - Manjeet +91 98822 65919
Outstation cabs on

PG Chats, Forums, blogs and websites

Bir Paragliding Community on Telegram.
Bir Paragliding Community on Whatsapp. Might get abandoned in favour of feature rich Telegram.
Flying Stories - Whatsapp group for knowledge sharing
No nonsense Bir Pilots telegram group
Indian Paragliding Forum
International Paragliding Forum
Indian XC on Facebook
Top 40 Paragliding blogs
Reddit Freeflight
XC Mag telegram
Paragliding Banter podcast with Sajid Khan

Bir Accommodation

Hari Om Home Stay +91 98829 17238
Garden Cafe +91 8627999896
Sher Singh near landing +91 98054 08532
Mohit Home Stay ~2KM from landing +919805675613
KK Home Stay +919816766551
Mahindra & Mahindra Home Stay +919418727508
Krishna Home Stay +919816150068
Google Map

PG Competitions, events, tracking and logging

Airtribune competitions
CIVL comps
Worldwide Competition Calander

Paragliding Schools, courses, guided flying, tandem flying, in India

OrangeLife Adventures, Kamshet
Fly Nirvana, Kamshet
Indus Paragliding, Kamshet
Temple Pilots, Kamshet
PG-Gurukul, Bir
Himalayan Sky Safaris, great place to find local info about flying in Himalayas, Guiding, XC and Thermalling courses

Flying Gear and Repair

Ozone, Woody Valley, Advance, Kortel and more... -
WV, Niviuk, Level wings, Flow, 777, ICARO helmets, Mipfly vario, & Hypercam chasecam etc- Andy +91 99685 97145
777, Glider maintanence, porosity and trim - Vijay +91 99239 22277
Advance and Dudek - Klaus +45 20 20 16 11
Axis, Niviuk, Flytec, Woody Valley, BGD - Gurpreet +919816525205
777 - Raghav +91 98802 83946
BGD - Naren +91 94482 25707
BGD - Rohit +91 99999 81711
UP, Flymaster, helmets, pg and cycling gear - Hiren +91 98211 44488
Air Design - Amit Negi +91 98800 83760
Ozone, Advance, Gradient and Sky, helmets and other pg gears - Bhagtu- +91 98056 78478
Nova, Little Cloud - Kaushal - +91 98165 44803
Nervures, Neo - Nakul +91 9811424477
Glider checks and repair in Bir - Ravi +9198057 93205
Trimming - Naasha +919820911994 - all about gliders Paraglider database
CDV Paraglider database - glider test reports
Vol-Biv Kit list by Debu Chaudhury
FlySafe connects free flying pilots around the world with social features, buy/sell gear

Record flights

Vijay Soni · 11.09.2009 · Limca Book of Records first ever 100 km FAI triangle flown in India by any pilot, unchallanged site record till date
Nick Jaffe · 166.3 km XC free flight Indian record
Philipp Zellner · 7.4.2022 · 272.73 km triangle Indian record
Debu Choudhury · 8.4.2022 · 256.49 kmtriangle on a C wing Indian record
Vistasp Kharas · 205.9 km triangle on a B wing Indian record
Kubo Beňo · 6.6.2022 · 223.07 km FAI triangle Indian record
Aaron Durogati · 9.10.2017 · 87.36 km FAI triangle Tandem Indian record
Philipp Zellner · 10.4.2022 · 139.26 km Flat Triangle Tandem Indian record
Alexey Druzhinihn · 29.10.2013 7154M Indian record for Height
FAI CIVL Records

Epic flights in India

Philipp Zellner 2022 season, all over Indian and Nepalese Himalayas
Julien Le Guen · 23.3.2017 · 163.07 km across Himalayas
Julien Le Guen detailing his flights across Himalayas from Dharamshala to Pohkara
Juraj Koreň and Kubo in high Himalayas
Oriol Fernandez and Olivier Laugero fly Zanskar
Kubo and Andrej in Maiyar
Alexey Druzhinihn's flighs between Billing and Leh
Bryan Moore does Billing to Keylong
Bryan Moore all over Himalayas
Bryan Moore over Mt. Mani Mahesh Kailash
Across Himalaya hike and fly
Himalayan Odyssey hike and fly
Jigish Gohil · 98.7 km FAI triangle at Bir, Fly flats
Vistasp Kharas · 103.4 km Panchgani to Pawana
Jure Kurnik · 110.45 km from Khingar
Loraine Humeau and François Ragolski's Romantic Vol-Biv across Himalayas
Sebastian Huber and Stefan Bocks Crossing Borders, burning leggings to cook a meal!
Aaron Durogati, Tamara Lunger and Alex d'Emilia's Himalayan Tandem
Luc Armant solo across Himalayas

PG Tips/learning

Flying Stories with Badari - Youtube channel with all live sessions and interviews. Subscribe Now
XCMag quick guide
Backyard Meteorology: The Science of Weather, free course from Harvard
Richie's tips for paragliding in Bir
XCMag - Bir Guide
Nova Team Pilot Tobias Ehrmann's Bir Guide
XCMag - Kamshet Guide
XCMag - Skills and Learning
Articles by Tim
Jerome's tips
Flybubble articles
Cloudbase Paragliding Australia Tips videos
Flybubble Videos
Fly with Greg on youtube Podcasts
Cloudbasemayhem Podcasts
Judith Mole Podcasts
Articles by Tom Payne, see README for podcasts and videos
Learn all about weather from UK Met Office
The Skygod Website
SIV with Jocky Sanderson
Théo de Blic's Acro Tutorials
Andre Bandarra's youtube Channel
Abhijeet Avate XC Mag

More about Pagaliding

Get ALOFT AND UNBOUND, a book about paragliding life.
How I got addicted to Bir. By Thomas Schneider on Nova team blog.
Paragliding Videos Youtube Playlist
Once Upon a Sky - featuring Gurpreet Dhindsa
Wikipedia - Paragliding in India
All about India in XCMag
Debu answers - How to go Paragliding in India
Paragliding video channel on Vimeo
Kubo and Andrej's adventure videos
Stories that Glide. Glide Bir Billing youtube channel
Nick Neynens Himalayan Vol-Biv
Tim Bridle's Early Bir videos
Chrigel & Michael Maurer take us on a epic flight through Swiss Alps
Benjamin Jordan's photo bombs, stories from India and elsewhere
Ziad's paraglider reviews blog
Unique Paragliding Holidays & Paragliding Trips | bstoked
Short story from a plane crash survivor
The Risk of Dying Doing What We Love
Chrigel`s comments
Free Paragliding and Paramotoring magazine

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