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Indian XC league websites

Latest flights on Xcontest - Bir
Latest flights on Xcontest - All India
Latest flights on Leonardo
Leonardo 2018
Leonardo 2017
Leonardo all time
Leonardo Worldwide 2018
Leonardo Worldwide 2017
XContest India
XContest world
Official National CIVL FAI Ranking - XC
Official National CIVL FAI Ranking - Accuracy

Bir Safety Information

Safety Radio Frequency 144.400
Do not fly over or land on Military installations, Alilal, Palampur, Yol, Dalhousie and Chamba
Do not fly over McLeodganj Dalai Lama residence
Do not fly or land 5KM cylinder around Mandi town
Surya Classic Bir Search & Rescue Co. Suresh +91 98052 45001
Tree rescue training video, rescue kit available at PG-Gurukul, Bir
Put emergency information on Android phone
Put emergency information on iPhone
Some sound advice from Jerome's Tips

Flying sites, PG Waypoints and Maps

Visiting Bir needs permit - Apply Online
Bir Paragliding Landmarks, download kml to see in Google Earth
Bir Paragliding Landmarks, printable maps by Richie
Bir wikivoyage page
Closest ATM that work near Bir
Panchgani wikitravel page
Bir Indian Open 2018 waypoints FS wpt - Updated
Bir Indian Open 2018 waypoints cup - Updated
Bir waypoints wpt
Bir waypoints cup
Bir waypoints wpt
Panchgani waypoints FS.wpt
Panchgani waypoints CompeGPS.wpt
Panchgani waypoints cup
Flying sites in India
XCSoar map, Himachal and Uttarakhand
XCSoar map Maharashtra(Panchgani, Kamshet etc.)

PG Apps/Tech

Android app, free while in beta, generates FAI valid igc files accepted in competitions
XCSoar: Open Source flight computer for any device
XCtrack: flight computer and log your flight to
LK8000: flight computer for android and winCE
Gaggle andoid app
GPSdump for Android
XC Planner
Simulator - Fly from any takeoff in the world!
Convert IGC to KMZ colored by climb, like leonardo
Google Earth for Android
Live tracking Android app with various sources

PG Insurance

Unscrambling Insurance- Are you covered? - Cloudbasemayhem
Paragliding Association group policy
AXA Thirdparty, including emergency rescue costs
AXA Comp&Holiday - Third Party Liability Insurance and Pilot Accident Insurance
Global Underwriters Travel with additional riders
Patriot Travel with additional riders

PG Weather

Bir weather briefings
Interpreting RASP webcast
World wide RASP
Windytv, also Android and iphone app
CIMSS Satellite Image
IMD Satellite Image
Weather Geek McLeodganj
Weather To Fly - Understanding weather
World wide flying weather
How Paraglider Pilots Should Read a Skew-T

Taxi service

Bir - Manohar +91 98570 08842
Bir - Manjeet +91 98822 65919

PG Forums, blogs and websites

Indian Paragliding Forum
International Paragliding Forum
This website source code
Report issues, suggestions for this website
Indian XC on Facebook
Top 40 Paragliding blogs
Reddit Freeflight

Bir Accommodation

List of guest houses on
Hari Om Home Stay +91 98829 17238
Hiralal 2 room with kitchen for long term rental +91 94592 52754
Garden Cafe +91 8627999896
Sher Singh near landing +91 98054 08532
Mohit Home Stay ~2KM from landing +919805675613
KK Home Stay +919816766551
Mahindra & Mahindra Home Stay +919418727508
Krishna Home Stay +919816150068
Surya Classic

PG Competitions, events, tracking and logging

Panchgani Open 2019
Paragliding Accuracy Championship @ Mechukha 2018
Mizoram Open Paragliding Accuracy Championship 2018
Arunachal Paragliding Festival 2018
Indian Open 2018
Accuracy Pre-Worldcup India 2018
Panchgani Open 2018
1st Sikkim Red Panda International Accuracy Open Championship 2017
Update or get your FAI CIVL ID before competitions
4th PAI Paragliding India Accuracy Comp 2017
Panchgani Open 2017
Worldwide Competition Calander
XCRT India - see all pilots near you
India XC Retrieve telegram group, no general chit-chat, PLEASE READ THE ABOVE LINK BEFORE JOINING

PG Schools, courses, guided flying, tandem flying, in India

OrangeLife Adventures, Kamshet
Fly Nirvana, Kamshet
Indus Paragliding, Kamshet
Temple Pilots, Kamshet
PG-Gurukul, Bir
Himalayan Sky Safaris, great place to find local info about flying in Himalayas

Flying Gear

Axis, Niviuk, Flytec, Woody Valley, BGD - Gurpreet +919816525205
777 - Raghav +91 98802 83946
BGD - Naren +91 94482 25707
UP, Flymaster - Hiren +91 98211 44488
Air Design - Amit Negi +91 98800 83760
Ozone, Advance, Gradient and Sky - Debu +91 98163 35397
Ozone, Advance, Gradient and Sky - Bhagtu- +91 98056 78478
Nova, Little Cloud - Kaushal - +91 98165 44803
Nervures, Neo - Nakul +91 9811424477
Glider checks and repair - Ravi +91 98057 02584 - all about gliders

For Sale

Gliders and harnesses in good condition

Epic flights in India

Julien Le Guen · 23.3.2017 · 163.07 km across Himalayas
Julien Le Guen detailing his flights across Himalayas from Dharamshala to Pohkara
Oriol Fernandez and Olivier Laugero fly Zanskar
Alexey Druzhinihn's flighs between Billing and Leh
Bryan Moore does Billing to Keylong
Bryan Moore all over Himalayas
Bryan Moore over Mt. Mani Mahesh Kailash
Across Himalaya hike and fly
Himalayan Odyssey hike and fly
Nick Jaffe · 166.3 km XC free flight Indian record
Debu Choudhury · 256.44 km triangle Indian record
Philipp Zellner · 24.10.2017 · 196.39 km FAI triangle Indian record
Jigish Gohil · 98.7 km FAI triangle at Bir, Fly flats
Vistasp Kharas · 103.4 km Panchgani to Pawana

PG Tips/learning

Richie's tips for paragliding in Bir
XCMag - Bir Guide
Nova Team Pilot Tobias Ehrmann's Bir Guide
XCMag - Kamshet Guide
Articles by Tim
Jerome's tips
Flybubble articles
Cloudbase Paragliding Australia Tips videos
Flybubble Videos Podcasts
Cloudbasemayhem Podcasts
Judith Mole Podcasts
Articles by Tom Payne, see README for podcasts and videos
Learn all about weather from UK Met Office
The Skygod Website
SIV with Jocky Sanderson
For all that you wanted to know and never knew where to find
Knowledge server
Glider Handbook by FAA

More about Pagaliding

Wikipedia - Paragliding in India
All about India in XCMag
Debu answers - How to go Paragliding in India
Flying Stories with Badari - Youtube channel
Paragliding and other adventure in India
Paragliding video channel on Vimeo
Kubo and Andrej's adventure videos
Stories that Glide. Glide Bir Billing youtube channel
Collection of Paragliding videos
Nick Neynens Himalayan Vol-Biv
Chrigel & Michael Maurer take us on a epic flight through Swiss Alps
Benjamin Jordan's photo bombs, stories from India and elsewhere
Where in the world is the very best week to fly?
Zaid's paraglider reviews blog
Short story from a plane crash survivor

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